Maximize your business potential by working with UL Lafayette Continuing Education to increase your competitive edge and help drive success in an ever-changing work environment. Companies that invest in employee training experience an increase in productivity, knowledge, and skill sets.

Studies show that employees who feel valued and invested stay at a company longer and have deeper loyalty. Invest in the capital you already have: your human capital!

Who can take advantage of custom trainings?

Partnering with Continuing Education at UL Lafayette gives you a hands-on professional staff member who will personally assist in the planning and execution of your training solution plan. Training is customized to meet the needs of your group, organization, or business.

Instruction is provided by industry experts and professional trainers who strive to deliver high-quality, interactive learning opportunities.

Training can be offered on our campus or at the location of your choice. We're committed to creating flexible, cost-effective, customized training options that are tailored to your needs, your schedule, and your location.

What kind of trainings do you offer?

When it comes to custom trainings, one size definitely does not fit all. Our performance-minded training solutions help develop talent from within that aligns your company's unique goals, requirements, and budget. Examples of trainings we've developed for past partners include:

  • The Essential Pieces to Success - Developing the Leader Within
  • The Most Crucial Work We Do - The Dare to Be Great
  • Ways to Inspire and Ignite Teams to a Higher Performance - Developing a Culture that Attracts and Retains the Best
  • Principles of Influence: Learning How to Get Others to Follow Your Lead
  • Foundations of Management: A refreshingly new look at the fundamental knowledge and tools for today's managers, supervisors and leaders. Learn to lead with purpose and manage with practice.
  • Train-the-Trainer Toolkit and Tips - Understanding Adult Learners.

What is the timeline for developing a training?

Your timeline is our timeline. We want you to be completely satisfied with every aspect of this service line. Depending on what your training solution plan looks like, we will determine the hours needed to execute the design and delivery of that plan.

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