Interested? - Navigating Healthy Boundaries:Cultivating Empowerment & Well-being

In a rapidly evolving world where personal and professional dynamics intertwine, setting healthy
boundaries is a vital skill for maintaining emotional well-being, fostering authentic relationships,
and achieving personal growth. The "Navigating Healthy Boundaries" course is designed to
equip participants with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to establish and maintain
boundaries that promote self-respect, effective communication, and harmonious interactions.

This is a 1 hour course. The cost is $45.00

Through a blend of interactive discussions, practical exercises, case studies, and self-reflection,
this course delves deep into the art of boundary-setting, helping participants develop a
comprehensive understanding of:
• Foundations of Boundaries: Explore the concept of boundaries, their significance in
various life domains, and how they contribute to mental and emotional health.
• Self-Awareness and Values: Recognize your own values, needs, and triggers to build a
strong foundation for boundary-setting that aligns with your authentic self.
• Types of Boundaries: Differentiate between physical, emotional, and psychological
boundaries, and learn how to set and communicate them effectively.
• Boundary Violations: Understand common signs of boundary violations and the impact
they can have on your well-being and relationships.
• Communication Skills: Develop assertive communication techniques that enable you to
express your boundaries confidently, while fostering open dialogue and mutual
• Overcoming Resistance: Learn strategies to overcome internal resistance and external
pressures that may hinder your boundary-setting journey.
• Boundary Maintenance: Discover methods for consistently maintaining your
established boundaries, even in challenging situations, and adapt them to evolving
• Self-Care Practices: Integrate self-care techniques into your routine to support your
boundary-setting efforts and overall well-being.
• Resilience and Growth: Learn how setting healthy boundaries contributes to your
personal growth, resilience, and capacity for meaningful connections.

By the end of this course, participants will emerge with a clear understanding of their own
boundaries, enhanced communication skills, and a tailored toolkit for confidently establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries in various areas of life. Whether you're seeking to enhance your emotional well-being, improve relationships, or create a healthier work-life balance, this course empowers you to navigate life's complexities with authenticity, confidence, and resilience. Join us on this transformative journey toward cultivating empowerment and wellbeing through the practice of setting healthy boundaries.

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