Interested? - Virtual Leadership

The pandemic has completely enhanced and/or evolved the remote workforce. Not only have organizations shifted from the traditional workplace, but they have included hybrid or fully remote options for their employees. New processes, policies, and strategies have been created to embrace this changing world. However, have leaders thought about their responsibilities concerning leading effectively when you no longer can obtain the face-to-face interactions? This course is designed to assist leaders with effective leading in a workforce driven by technological advances and home office capabilities. Participants will learn ways to manage and influence a virtual team, collaborative working methods, effective written and verbal communication skills, proper virtual meeting tactics, avenues to overcome setbacks and hurdles, and even tips for maintaining proper self-care for employees and administrators. The practical skills learned in this remote session will equip all leaders for a successful work-from-home team.

*This is a 2 hour virtual course done in 2 sessions.
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